Sports Massage at HQCC

What can Sports Massage do?

When undertaken correctly, a deep massage stimulates circulation, increases lymph flow, breaks up fibrosis that binds or glues one muscle fibre to another, relaxes muscle spasm and relieves pain. All with just oil and professionally trained hands.


Sports Massage is effective whether you’re looking for a pre-event massage (to help warm muscles up), a post-event massage (to speed up recovery), a regular fine tuning to maintain your function (whether you’re a sports person or a gardener) or for injury rehabilitation (speeding up your healing).

The main advantages of Sports Massage are:

  • reduce swelling and bruising
  • speed healing
  • create and appropriate scar tissue which is strong yet does not interfere with your muscle’s ability to broaden as it contracts
  • remove trigger points formed as a result of injury
  • eliminate areas of stress in the muscles created through compensation for your injury
  • decrease pain
  •  maintain your muscles in the best possible state of nutrition, flexibility and vitality, thus hastening recovery and also enabling them to function at their maximum after recovery.

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