Exciting times ahead for HQCC!

  • Redecoration at HQCC

    Redecoration at HQCC

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HQCC is currently undergoing a refurbishment with exciting plans due to come to fruition later in the year. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the website and at the clinic to discover more!

New flooring at HQCC

HQCC are having new flooring laid down on Thursday 31st August and the morning of 1st September. The clinic will re-open on Friday 1st September in the afternoon. We expect minimimal distruption to our patients and thank you for your ongoing support during our refurbishment. If you have any questions, please do let the clinic know.

Welcome to Jessica Davy our new chiropractor

  • New Chiropractor at HQCC

    New Chiropractor at HQCC

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HQCC is excited to welcome Jessica Davy our new chiropractor who will start working for us in August. Jessica has just been awarded a distinction at WIOC and we are sure she will be a great hit with our patients. Watch out for more information coming soon…

Getting Ready to Rock?

  • Festival Fun

    Festival Fun

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June saw the start of a summer of festivals across the UK and Europe.
Now appealing to young and old alike they focus on much more than music, offering quality food and other, eclectic, activities; something for everyone.

If a festival is on your agenda for this summer whether it’s bright sunshine or driving rain, it is important to take care of your back so you can maximise the fun.
Many festival-goers just go for the day and some will choose to camp overnight but all will be sitting or sleeping on hard surfaces, carrying bags/rucksacks and standing for hours on end. Continue reading…

Getting a pain in the neck from exams?

The exam period can be a stressful time for many students: Long periods of revision hunched over a book, computer or notes and then the exams themselves, with hours of focused concentration.

BCA chiropractor, Rishi Loatey, says: “The exam period is a busy and often demanding time for students and it’s important that they are able to keep their full focus on revision and preparation. While stress doesn’t cause back and neck pain it can exacerbate the symptoms, so it’s important that students take steps to ensure this doesn’t affect their work.
“Simple actions such as taking breaks during long stretches of revision and ensuring you’re not sitting hunched over your notes or laptop could make a big difference.”

Consumer research (2017) by the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) found that 37% of 16-24 year olds have struggled with back or neck pain in the past.

The BCA are encouraging those taking exams to incorporate simple steps into their daily routine to help ensure back or neck pain doesn’t impact on their studies.

• Sit up, look sharp – always work at a table, sitting on a chair, rather than on the sofa or in bed. Relax when sitting into your chair, making sure you have your bottom against the seat back with your shoulder blades are touching the back rest of the chair.
• Take a break – taking regular revision breaks is extremely important and the BCA recommends students move around every 20-30 minutes – stand up to stretch, change position and walk around a little.
• Check it! – It can be tempting to carry around all your notes and books, but make sure you check your bag every day so you’re only carrying the things you really need. Try using bags which can be carried on two shoulders with adjustable straps so the weight can be distributed evenly.
• Walk tall – Look for opportunities to exercise during the day. Why not try walking to the library instead of getting the bus or driving?
• Keep hydrated: Don’t forget to drink lots of water. Make sure you top up your fluids as the body works better when well hydrated. Your muscles and joints will work more efficiently and for longer.
• Stretch it out – If you’re revising at home embrace the privacy by doing regular stretches. The BCA has developed a series of simple exercises to improve posture and help prevent back pain.

Back Pain Woes for Women in their 20s

  • Woman with Back Pain

    Woman with Back Pain

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Women in the UK are starting to suffer with back and neck pain at the tender age of 28, according to new research from the British Chiropractic Association.
Over a fifth (22%) of women who have struggled, or currently struggle with back or neck pain say they do so on a daily basis and a quarter (24%) have suffered for over 10 years. Men fare a little better – first battling back and neck pain from the age of 32.
Now, ahead of BackCare Awareness Week (3-8 October), the BCA is urging women to take control and adopt healthier habits to prevent the onset of back pain, by incorporating a few simple steps into their daily routine. Continue reading…

Digital Detox Required?

  • Digital Detox

    Digital Detox

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A new report by Ofcom has found that one in three adult internet users has opted for a digital detox. The BCA believes that as well as a detox, being smart when using tech can ease some of the physical issues that can come up.
For example, one way to help get a good balance of technology use is to consider the benefits of making your bedroom a tech free zones, as this could lead to improved quality of sleep and better posture, thus reducing physical effects of technology use on the back and neck. Continue reading…

Summer of Sport

  • Summer of Sport

    Summer of Sport

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Our Summer of Sport has already kicked off (pardon the pun) with the completion of Football’s Euro 2016, the fantastic Wimbledon Tournament (well done Andy), Tour de France, Davis Cup and Open Championship.

And now we have more to look forward to including Test Cricket, World Rugby Sevens, US PGA Golf, more Formula 1 and the start of the Football Premier League. And of course we are now on countdown to the start of the Rio Olympic Games. There’s something for everyone! Continue reading…

Perils of parenthood

  • Perils of parenthood

    Perils of parenthood

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Research, from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), has found that over four out of every ten (43%) of parents who have ever suffered from back or neck pain, found their pain increased after having children. New mothers were particularly affected, with over twice as many women (57%) suffering fresh aches and pains since becoming a parent, as men (27%). Continue reading…

Client Testimonials

"I have to admit I was dubious about visiting a chiropractor but now I wish I’d visited Anna and her team earlier! What a difference to me, how I was walking with a stick before- no longer. I had little feeling in my left foot- it’s almost back to normal. Anna, Stuart and Chloe all have ‘magic hands’. They have made a HUGE difference to my mobility. Everyone is friendly and welcoming. I couldn’t recommend them more- they are amazing!"
Mrs E Price
"Very good clear overview of injury and a helpful instructions on how to treat it"
George S
"I have been coming here for four years and wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for my 2 monthly back MOT!! The staff are fantastic, nothing is too much trouble and you are guaranteed excellent advice, skilled expertise and a warm welcome."
Helen M
"Anna Hawrot and her team offer a fantastic, friendly, professional service, always a warm welcome when going into the practice. Lovely to have a local chiropractor as well as sports massage therapists. Would definitely recommend HQCC."
Mrs Vicky Jennings
"This is a wonderful clinic, where from the moment you walk through the door you feel welcomed and in very good hands. Staff are warm and friendly and nothing is too much trouble. Everyone is welcomed like an old friend but each person's individual needs are looked after to the highest standard. I would be lost without this amazing "sanctuary" of care."
Amanda Rawlings
"Effecting and progressing practice, well run and friendly. Professional approach to the treatments offered."
Janice Sims
"The service received from this practice is the best that you could want from treatment to service - this practice is highly recommended. Always warm and friendly."
Beverly W
"I have been using this clinic for a few years and they have been a great help with my neck and shoulder problems. I can't recommend them highly enough."
Mrs G S
"A fantastic team at HQCC that have really helped me with headaches that were caused by a shoulder injury. Will always use them... the are a top class team."
Paul Reed
"Anna is brilliant, sorts out any ache and pain. Injuries are explained fully and its amazing how healing your back or neck can help your whole body and how much better you feel after a session."
Tom D
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