Spinal Rehabilitation at HQCC

  • Low back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide.*
  • That’s 632,045 million people affected by back pain.
  • Research suggests that chronic back pain is rapidly increasing, despite an increase in financial spending in this sector.

*according to The World Federation of Chiropractic.

Specialised, individualised rehabilitation plan for you to self-manage your condition

A very important part of treatment of the spine is rehabilitation, particularly for common conditions of low back pain or neck pain.  If required, you will receive a strengthening programme from your therapist which will be fully explained to you. Your Chiropractor may refer you to our Sports Therapist for a course of spinal rehabilitation to compliment your treatment sessions. Spinal rehabilitation can help to:

  • Learn how to self-manage your pain
  • Improve and strengthen posture
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Increase stability
  • Increase core strength and endurance
  • Improve poor movement patterns
  • Prevent reoccurrences and future injuries
  • Advice on increasing health and well-being through exercise

What does the research suggest?

In comparison to other joints in the body, the spine is very unique.  Many of the traditional ways of strengthening the body are not appropriate for the spine. Some individuals will need to increase spinal stability; others will be more suited to increasing mobility or improving activation patterns.

Research suggests that exercises which focus more on muscle endurance are best suited to the spine and these help to prevent future injuries and reoccurrences. Your therapist will teach you in detail what to do specifically for your condition.

As well as specific spinal exercises, general aerobic exercise such as walking has also been proven to rehabilitate the spine and prevent injury.

Each patient will be given an information sheet with some detailed descriptions on the exercises that they have already gone through with their therapist.

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