Our Summer of Sport has already kicked off (pardon the pun) with the completion of Football’s Euro 2016, the fantastic Wimbledon Tournament (well done Andy), Tour de France, Davis Cup and Open Championship.

And now we have more to look forward to including Test Cricket, World Rugby Sevens, US PGA Golf, more Formula 1 and the start of the Football Premier League. And of course we are now on countdown to the start of the Rio Olympic Games. There’s something for everyone!

But it’s not only the sports men and women that succumb to injury – whether you are playing or watching sport make sure you are not the injury worry this sporting summer and take care of your posture.

Sitting for long periods can trigger back pain and with endless hours or sporting coverage in the offing, some will be more at risk than ever of becoming couch potatoes!

Anna Hawrot, chiropractor and HQCC Clinic Director is concerned about the effect all this extra sitting down could have: “Our lifestyles are sedentary enough but, during televised sporting events, people spend even more time sitting down. Lack of exercise is our worst enemy and we should avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time, as sitting incorrectly puts almost twice as much pressure on the back than when standing.

And that’s not the only health hazard. Sport fans will argue that jumping up to celebrate a gold medal win or berate a referee is an involuntary action but, doing it too quickly may be more harmful than sitting down for prolonged periods. Anna Hawrot explains: “Going from a fixed posture when sitting down to quickly jumping up on your feet in excitement could be potentially damaging.

Follow this simple advice from the BCA to have a pain free summer of sport:

  • Try to ensure that you change position every twenty minutes; stand up and move around.
  • Make sure you are active during half time; there is plenty of light exercise you can do during the 15 minute break.
  • Don’t slump, sit right back into the seat, so your back is fully against the back of the chair/sofa.
  • Drink Up! – As much as possible, try drinking water instead of beer, tea and coffee; it will keep you hydrated and help you concentrate on what is happening.
  • All this variety of sport may inspire you to get out and try it yourself, which is the perfect way to keep active over the long summer evenings.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment with a chiropractor, please contact us.