Chiropractic can help mothers-to-be become more comfortable and experience less pain by adjusting their bodies so they can better adapt to all the changes in their bodies and help their nervous system optimally function.

During the first trimester the baby is protected by the mother’s bony pelvis and amniotic fluid. As the baby grows the mother’s spine, muscles and ligaments add support. It is really important that these are all in balance and alignment in order for mother and baby to grow comfortably.  Specific chiropractic adjustments can be used through pregnancy to balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments, aid in reducing constraint to the mother’s pelvis and allow for optimal positioning for birth. Consideration for the mothers relaxed ligaments is taken into account at the different stages and specifically adapted techniques are used as the pregnancy advances.

Keeping moderately active during pregnancy is really important. Regular, light movement of the body will help to keep the pelvis and surrounding muscles relaxed.

It can be common for women to experience a moderate amount of discomfort during pregnancy. A lot of stress is put on the joints and the body has to accommodate for the changes that take place. In particular the stresses placed on the pelvis and the changes to prepare for birth. This causes the spine to compensate to the adaptations.

Pain medications are often avoided or not an option during pregnancy, Chiropractic offers a safe, natural option to managing the aches and pains often experienced during pregnancy.

Gentle Chiropractic adjustments help to provide balance to the pelvis as it adapts to pregnancy.  This is important as when the pelvis is balanced it allows more room for the baby to move and shift position to grow and develop and in preparation for birth.

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